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Let’s face it - some of today’s biggest challenges for a professional woman are:

I have good news for you. Even in this current economic climate there are tons of new opportunities and ways not only to secure your job but to propel your career forward.

You can have a well paid satisfying career and enjoy a personal life! Despite the challenges, there are thousands of women, just like you, who are high earners whilst achieving balance in their life. Yes really! They use their natural feminine wisdom and power without having to “act like a man”. They play to their strengths, qualities, and passions, find ways around barriers, see opportunities where others don’t. They achieve beyond what most think is even possible.

The message is loud and clear. Now is time for women to understand how to be confident leaders, influence with ease, make a big impact on their career and get the life style they want

Former board director of a market leading paper merchant business, part of FTSE 100 company with annual revenues of over £1.5bn. Within a male dominated environment, an industry with tight profit margins, I propelled my career with the same company over 25 years through times of economic recession, trade union negotiations, downsizing, organisational restructures, redundancies and takeovers. I have a reputation of troubleshooting people issues and I support companies who want to retain and grow their top talent by increasing the influence of potential leaders and boosting their inner confidence. I love giving others the gift of being able to resolve current conflict in their teams and workplace, which also works wonders in their personal lives as well.